Aviation Fuel Pricing for Canadians
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Reference Airport: Brandon Muni, MB
N 49 54 36   W 099 57 08

CYBR Brandon Muni, MB
METARCYBR 251300Z 27011KT 8SM OVC051 M12/M14 A2947 RMK SC8 FROIN SLP015
TAFTAF AMD CYBR 251212Z 2512/2524 26010KT P6SM SCT005 BKN040 TEMPO 2512/2515 2SM -SN BR BKN003 OVC020 FM251500 29015KT P6SM OVC025 TEMPO 2515/2522 4SM -SN OVC015 FM252200 23008KT P6SM SCT020 TEMPO 2522/2524 BKN020 RMK NXT FCST BY 251800Z
REF N 49 54 36  W 099 57 08    4N    6E (2013)
UTC-6(5)    Elev 1343    A5007 LO4 HI4 CAP
OPR Muni 204-729-2166
Cert Ldg fees
PFA-1 C-2,3,4,5,6
CUSTAOE/15 888-226-7277 15-23Z
FIC Winnipeg 866-WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 866-541-4103 (Toll free within Canada & USA)
WXMETAR H24. TAF H24, issue times: 00, 06, 12, 18Z.
SERVICES Call out chg may be levied for one or more svc
FUEL100LL, JA-1, (FSII avbl), SP, HPR 14-23Z O/T call out chg
PRICES100LL public: 1.840; JETA: 1.500; current as of 2017-06-07.
Note: Landing Fee $11.77 waived with Fuel purchase. Customs Fee: $500-1000. The airport is currently being charged by CBSA on a per aircraft basis. If you clear customs here you will be billed that amount for the service.
S1,2,3,4 (ltd),5,6
SUP FLD-Ice (avbl by truck)
PVT ADVBrandon Flight Centre 122.95 204-728-7691 O/T 204-724-3304
RWY DATARwy 08(085)/26(265) 6510x150 asphalt L/R
Rwy 14(144)/32(324) 3068x60 treated gravel/asphalt First 438 Rwy 32 asphalt L/R
APRONNo power turns permitted on tml apron. Tml apron prkg rstd for sked tfc only 0400-1200Z & 1800-1930Z
RCROpr Ltd win maint Rwy 14/32. Rwy 14/32 rstd to acft under 12,000 lbs. A/D maint 10-06Z. CRFI, PLR/PCN
RADIO122.1 (E) (emerg only 204-728-7169)
RCOWinnipeg 123.275 (FISE) 126.7 (bcst)
MFrdo 122.1 5NM 4000 ASL (CAR 602.98)
ARRWinnipeg Ctr 132.25 285.4
DEPWinnipeg Ctr 132.25 285.4
PALWinnipeg Ctr 132.25 285.4
NDBBRANDON BR 233 (L) N49 54 29 W100 04 24
VORDMEYBR 113.8 Ch 85 N49 54 36 W99 56 44 (1368)
DMEIBR 110.1 Ch 38 N49 54 31 W99 57 43 Pvt
ILSIBR 110.1 (Rwy 8) Pvt
PRORefer to Canada Flight Supplement
CAUTIONHydro P-lines 154 AGL unlgtd 6000 E of Thld 26. Oscl parajump activity within 1.5NM of A/D to 14,000 ASL. Hi ints lgt oprg dusk to dawn fr hotel roof at N49 49 56 W99 57 40 (4.7NM S A/D). Beams projecting upward. Hi ints lgt may create temporary effects to vision.
Effective 0901Z 01 February 2018 to 0901Z 29 March 2018