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Reference Airport: Kingston, ON
N 44 13 34.6755  W 076 35 48.1243
Provinces to show:

CYGK Kingston, ON
FlightAware FltPlan Google Maps SkyVector
METARCYGK 210000Z 04014G24KT 15SM BKN005 OVC060 07/07 A2961 RMK ST6SC2 SLP030
TAFTAF CYGK 201940Z 2020/2103 04017G27KT P6SM -RA OVC010 TEMPO 2020/2022 5SM -SHRA BR OVC008 FM202200 03012G22KT 6SM -SHRA BR OVC006 TEMPO 2022/2101 2SM -DZ -SHRA BR VCTS OVC004CB BECMG 2022/2024 03012KT FM210100 VRB03KT 2SM -DZ BR OVC004 PROB30 2101/2103 1/2SM FG VV002 RMK NXT FCST WILL BE ISSUED AT 211145Z
REF N 44 13 34.6755  W 076 35 48.1243    4.3W    13W
UTC-5(4)    Elev 303    A5000 LO6 LO7 HI5 CAP
OPR City 613-389-6404
Cert Ltd hrs
PFB-1,2 C-3,4,5,6
CUSTAOE/30 888-226-7277 14-21Z Mon-Fri exc hols
FIC London 866-WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 866-541-4104 (Toll free within Canada & USA)
WXMETAR 11-04Z O/T LWIS TAF 13-04Z; issue times: 13, 20, 02Z (DT 12, 14, 20Z).
FUEL100LL, JA-1 (FSII avbl)
PRICESFBO: Fly Kingston: 100LL public: 2.090; JETA: 1.887 (1.910 w/ FSII); current as of 2018-07-23.
FBO: Central Airways: 100LL public: 2.113; JETA: 1.955; current as of 2019-01-16.
OIL65, 80, 100, 120
PVT ADVCentral Airways Ltd (World Fuel Services) 123.35 613-389-9300 0930-0500Z (DT 0830-0400Z), O/T call out chg; Kingston Flying Club 122.8 13-21Z O/T PN 613-389-0954
MIL CONCentral Airways Ltd (World Fuel Services) 613-389-9300
RWY DATARwy 01(009)/19(189) 6001x100 asphalt
Rwy 07(066)/25(246) 3909x100 asphalt
APRONPrkg area E of main apron rstd to acft less than 12,500 GTOW.
RCRFSS CRFI/RSC Ltd win maint hrs Mon-Fri exc hols O/T 3 hrs PN. Fees will be levied. PLR
LIGHTING01-AS(TE HI) P2, 19-AW AS(TE HI) P2, 07-(TE ME) AP, 25-(TE ME) AP ARCAL-122.5 type K.
RADIO122.5 (V) 1115-04Z (emerg only 613-389-7558)
RCOLondon rdo 123.55 (FISE) 126.7 (bcst)
ATIS123.55 1115-0400Z
MFrdo 122.5 1115-04Z 5NM 3300 ASL (CAR 602.98)
ATFtfc 122.5 04-1115Z 5NM 3300 ASL
VDF122.5 1115-04Z
NDBYGK 263 (M) N44 17 49 W76 36 16 Unmonitored when FSS clsd.
ILSIGK 111.3 (Rwy 19-01) Unmonitored when FSS clsd.
PRODue to rwy slope on 01/19 acft on rwy ends may not be vis to pilots at opposite ends of rwy. VFR tfc outside CZ watch for IFR practice apch acft oprg in vic of Rwy 01/19 extended ctr lines.
CAUTIONCrane 106 AGL (355 ASL) 0.5NM N thld Rwy 19 cont days Apr-Dec. Wildlife frequently on rwys.
Effective 0901Z 0901Z 28 February 2019 to 0901Z 25 April 2019

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