Aviation Fuel Pricing for Canadians
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Reference Airport: Ottawa/Rockcliffe, ON
N 45 27 37   W 075 38 46

CYRO Ottawa/Rockcliffe, ON
REF N 45 27 37  W 075 38 46    Adj NE    14°W
UTC-5(4)    Elev 188    A1905 A5000 A5002 LO6 LO7 T2
OPR Rockcliffe Flying Club 613-746-4425 855-759-4425 Fax 613-746-3354
Cert 12Z‡ to SS & evenings when flying in progress.
PFB-1 C-2,3,4,5,6
FIC Québec 866-GOMÉTÉO or 866-WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 866-541-4105 (Toll free within Canada & USA)
ACCMontreal 514-633-3211 or 800-633-1353, all Flt Plns, IFR tng PPR, Mon-Fri
PRICES100LL discounted: 1.730 (Members Price); 100LL public: 1.780; current as of 2017-05-18.
Note: http://www.rfc.ca/en/aboutus/rates
RWY DATARwy 09(093°)/27(273°) 3300x100 asphalt Thld 09 displ 200´. Thld 27 displ 200´. L/R
TWYTwy A, B & D rstd day use only
RCROpr Ltd win maint. Rstd to acft 18,000 lbs and under. PPR for acft over 18,000 lbs.
LIGHTING09-(TE LO), 27-(TE LO) Ngt thld 275´ fr end of 09 and 1325´ fr end of 27, only 1700´ lgtd. ARCAL-123.5 type J (see CAUTION)
RCOQuébec rdo (Gatineau) 123.375 (FISE)
ATFUNICOM ltd hrs O/T tfc 123.5 5NM 3200 ASL excluding Gatineau CZ, Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Intl CZ and the airspace that lies within Ottawa TCA class C airspace.
PROCIRCUITS: Rgt hand circuits Rwy 27 (CAR 602.96). As soon as practicable after tkof fr Rwy 09 or 27 turn 20° to the North. MUSEUM: Aircraft wishing to park at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum are requested to contact the Rockcliffe Flying Club, by telephone or unicom, for instructions prior to arrival. AIRSPACE: VFR flights in Ottawa Class C and Terminal Class C airspace see Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Intl for procedures. VFR Codes: In order to minimize delays, ATC freq congestion and for better airspace management, as well as to improve safety, ctc the Montreal ACC at 877-YUL-CODE (877-985-2633), or the FIC at 1-866-GOMETEO or 1-866-WX BRIEF, to provide ATC with info pertaining to your flt to obtain you transponder code at least 30 min prior to a flight in Quebec Class C airspace.
CAUTIONSeaplane traffic - Ottawa/Gatineau water A/D 1.5NM W. Sections of North apron breaking up & covered with loose gravel. Extv bird activity. Feb-May and Sep-Nov. ARCAL: Acft arr fr the E or S may not be able to activate ARCAL until aprx 1NM from the aprt. Acft on the ground positioned at the E end of the aprt may not be able to activate ARCAL until positioned closer to the W end of the aprt.
Effective 0901Z 01 February 2018 to 0901Z 29 March 2018