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Reference Airport: Saint John, NB
N 45 18 58  W 065 53 24
Provinces to show:

CYSJ Saint John, NB
FlightAware FltPlan Google Maps SkyVector
METARCYSJ 111200Z 36003KT 300V010 15SM FEW020 FEW270 M14/M16 A3014 RMK SC1CI1 SLP217
TAFTAF CYSJ 111138Z 1112/1124 VRB03KT P6SM SKC FM111300 33006KT P6SM FEW120 SCT200 BECMG 1116/1118 27006KT FM112000 22005KT P6SM SKC FM112300 VRB03KT P6SM SCT020 RMK NXT FCST BY 111800Z
REF N 45 18 58  W 065 53 24    8ENE    18W (2014)
UTC-4(3)    Elev 357    A5003 LO8 HI6 CAP
OPR Saint John Airport Inc 506-638-5555
PFA-1,2,3,6,7 09-04Z C-4,5
CUSTAOE/120 (140 with staged off-loading) 888-226-7277 12-04Z
FIC London 866-WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 866-541-4104 (Toll free within Canada & USA)
ACC(IFR only) Moncton 506-867-7177 or 866-480-8200.
WXMETAR H24 TAF H24, issue times: 00, 06, 12, 18Z
SERVICES Call out chg may be levied for one or more svcs
FUEL100LL, JA, FSII 12-21Z Mon-Fri, JA-1 10-02Z
PRICESFBO: Atlantic Flight Centre: 100LL public: 2.190; JETA: 1.930; current as of 2018-06-26.
Note: Atlantic Flight Center - http://www.afcfbo.com. Monday - Friday 0800 - 1700 Closed Weekends and Holidays, $100/hr for service outside those times.
S1(ltd, for lgt acft),2,4,5,6
ARFFDESIGNATED CAT 6 0900-0330Z, O/T call out chg.
PVT ADVAtlantic Flt Centre 123.3 1130-2130Z Mon-Fri, 12-16Z Sat 506-634-5565 O/T 506-650-8402, exc hols; Air Canada Ground Handling 130.37 506-632-1524
MIL CONASIG Canada (Irving Oil) 506-653-7409
RWY DATARwy 05(049)/23(229) 7005x200 asphalt
Rwy 14(138)/32(318) 5100x200 asphalt Rwy 14 down 0.84% Rwy 14/32 avbl as twy dur night when Rwy 05/23 RVR 1200(1/4sm)
CERTRwy 05 RVR 1200(1/4sm)/Rwy 23 RVR 1200(1/4sm) Rwy 14 RVR 1200(1/4sm) Day only/Rwy 32 RVR 1200(1/4sm) Day only
RCROpr CRFI and win maint avbl ltd hrs. PLR/PCN
LIGHTING05-AN(TE HI), 23-AN(TE HI), 14-AS(TE ME) P2, 32-AO(TE ME) P2
RADIO118.5 236.6 (E) (emerg only 506-646-7225)
RCOHalifax rdo 123.475 (FISE) 126.7 (bcst)
MFrdo 118.5 5NM 3400 ASL (CAR 602.98)
PALMoncton Ctr 124.3 135.5 270.8
NDBSJ 212 (M) N45 23 30 W65 49 08
ALPINE ZST 397 (L) N45 13 40 W65 57 29
VORDMEYSJ 113.5 Ch 82 N45 24 26 W65 52 15 (494)
ILSISJ 110.5 (Rwy 23) RVR; IDM 108.3 (Rwy 05) RVR
PROPursuant to CAR 602.96, in vis conds blw sm with an RVR of 1200 or greater, an IFR clnc must be obtained prior to taxiing for dep and acft are not auth to taxi when another acft is on the manoeuvring area, or on apch to any rwy. Ctc CYSJ FSS for tfc status. Reduced Visibility Procedure: See CAP
Effective 0901Z 13 September 2018 to 0901Z 08 November 2018

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