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Reference Airport: Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, ON
N 43 37 42.2987  W 079 23 46.3316
Provinces to show:

CYTZ Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, ON
FlightAware FltPlan Google Maps SkyVector
METARCYTZ 210006Z AUTO 25005KT 9SM BKN007 BKN016 OVC023 05/05 A2971 RMK SLP066
TAFTAF AMD CYTZ 210017Z 2100/2120 VRB03KT P6SM SCT007 BKN015 OVC090 TEMPO 2100/2101 5SM -SHRA BR OVC007 FM210100 VRB03KT 6SM BR SCT005 OVC012 TEMPO 2101/2105 2SM -DZ -SHRA BR OVC005 PROB30 2101/2105 1SM -DZ BR OVC003 FM210500 VRB03KT 6SM BR SCT003 OVC012 TEMPO 2105/2115 1SM -DZ BR OVC003 PROB30 2105/2114 1/4SM -DZ FG VV001 FM211500 18008KT 4SM -DZ BR BKN006 OVC012 FM211700 19008KT 6SM -DZ BR BKN012 OVC025 RMK FCST BASED ON AUTO OBS. NXT FCST BY 210200Z
REF N 43 37 42.2987  W 079 23 46.3316    Adj S    11W
UTC-5(4)    Elev 252    VTA A5000 LO6 T2 CAP RCAP
OPR Toronto Port Authority 416-203-6942
Cert Ldg fees
PFA-1,6 B-2,3, C-4,5
CUSTAOE/90 888-226-7277 13-05Z
FLT PLN NOTAM FILE CYTZ Pilots to open/ close VFR flt plan with London rdo 123.15 or by phone.
FIC London 866-WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 866-541-4104 (Toll free within Canada & USA)
ACCToronto 905-676-4590/4591/4592 or 888-217-1241
WXMETAR AUTO H24 (see COMM). WxCam TAF H24, issue times: 02, 08, 14, 20Z.
SERVICES 1145-0400Z (DT 1045-0300Z) dly Ferry and pedestrian tunnel ltd hrs ? no other access to aprt.
FUEL100LL, JA-1 (FSII avbl)
PRICES100LL public: 2.700; current as of 2018-05-02.
ARFFDESIGNATED CAT 6 1145-0400Z O/T call out chg 2 hrs PN
PVT ADVStolport FBO 416-361-1100 130.57 1200-0230Z (DT 11-0130Z) Porter FBO 416-203-2424 123.35 1145-0400Z (DT 1045-0300Z)
RWY DATARwy 08(082)/26(262) 3988x150 grooved asphalt R/L
Rwy 06(061)/24(241) 2460x100 asphalt R/L
CERTRwy 08 RVR 1200(1/4sm)/Rwy26 RVR 1200(1/4sm)
RCROpr 1145-0345Z CRFI/RSC avbl ltd hrs. PLR/PCN
LIGHTING08-AS(TE HI CL) P1 3.9, 26-AZ(TE HI CL) AP 4.8 MEHT 63 See CAUTION PAPI P1 apch Rwy 08 and APAPI apch Rwy 26. Rwys 08 & 26 - three white inset pre-thld centerline lgts. Two pairs of inset white lgts 1099' upwind of each thld mark. Yellow rwy edge lgts for final 1305' Rwy 26 and Rwy 08. 06-(TE ME), 24-(TE ME)
ATIS133.6 1130-0400Z dly
GND121.7 1130-0400Z dly
TWRCity 118.2 119.2 (V) 1130-0400Z dly (emerg only 416-973-9240)
ATFtfc 118.2 0400-1130Z dly within CZ 7NM SHAPE IRREGULAR 2500 ASL
ARRToronto 133.4
DEPToronto 133.4
AWOS133.6 0400-1130Z
NDBGIBRALTAR POINT TZ 257 (L) N43 36 46 W79 23 08
DMETORONTO CITY ITZ 110.15 Ch 38(Y) N43 37 38 W79 23 58 (296') ITZ DME unmonitored when twr clsd. DME not usable within 1.0 DME.
ILSITZ 110.15 (Rwy 08) Ch 38(Y) RVR. ITZ ILS unmonitored when twr clsd. LOC reliable only within 10? either side of centerline.
ICR 110.15 (Rwy 26) RVR. ICR ILS unmonitored when twr clsd. LOC reliable only within 10 either side of centerline.
PRONOISE ABATEMENT RESTRICTIONS Pursuant to CAR 602.105, the following restrictions are in effect. 1. No arr/dep btwn 0400-1145Z (DT 0300-1045Z) dly exc MEDEVAC & emerg. 2. All jet acft (exc MEDEVAC flts) and certain types of propeller acft are proh fr utilizing the aprt. Pilots should check with aprt ops prior to arr. 3. Rgt hand circuits Rwys 06, 08 4. Rotary wing acft are to conform to established circuit pattern, unless auth by ATC. 5. All pilots are rqrd to check with the Aprt Duty Mgr (ADM) prior to conducting any engine maint run-ups. 6. All pilots are encouraged to minimize the use of "reverse thrust" upon ldg, as long as flt safety is not jeopardised in any way. PROCEDURES Pursuant to CAR 602.105, the following procedures are in effect. 1. Pilots are requested to maintain 2000 ASL or above over Metropolitan Toronto Zoo (N43 49 05 W079 11 15). 2. Avoid overflight of noise sensitive areas, see Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport VTPC for east VFR routing. 3. All arr/dep acft to avoid flt over CNE/Ontario Place. For details see Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport VTPC and Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport sketch. VFR Arrivals: Final apch Rwy 24 offset 10 S due bldgs to 625 ASL along lakeshore. Final apch Rwy 24 to be flown over water parallel to lakeshore til intercept of Rwy 24 centreline. Abv 15C, no acft with more than 100 pax or over 85,000 lbs is auth to perform 180 turns on Rwy 08/26 without perms 416-293-6942 Ext 17
CAUTIONFrequent banner towing activity over CNE in fixed pattern 1500 ASL and below. Vessels up to 120' (366 ASL) in vic of final apch to all rwys. PAPI P1 apch slope Rwy 08 will ensure clearance over tall vessels. DME/glide path antenna 296 ASL (45 AGL) at A/D, see sketch. APAPI Rwy 26 apch slope 4.8. APAPI apch slope Rwy 26 will ensure clearance over vessels and chimney (N43 38 45 W079 19 59), 954 ASL (700 AGL) 2.6 NM fr Thld 26. Secondary ERS subject to availability of ferry ops. Wind turbine aprx 1 NM W of aprt at CNE 584 ASL (323 AGL) N43 37 52 W079 25 29. Extv bird activity on A/D. Seapl ramp rstd to acft with max wt of 4000 lbs. Flagpole 372 ASL (121 AGL) located 0.4 NM N of thld Rwy 08.
Effective 0901Z 0901Z 28 February 2019 to 0901Z 25 April 2019

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